May 29, 2023
Icebreaker in the Arctic

Icebreaker (illustration)

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Employees of the State Center for Radiation and Nuclear Safety of Finland STUK, as well as representatives of other states, are conducting emergency exercises on a ship with a nuclear reactor in the Norwegian city of Bodø, the Finnish organization reports on Tuesday.

“Scenario of the Arctic REIHN (Arctic Radiation Exercise in High North) 2023 exercise, the purpose of which is to test, verify and further develop emergency preparedness and response in the event of a nuclear or radiation accident in the Arctic. This includes mechanisms for alerting other countries, as well as providing and receiving international assistance,” the statement said.

It is known that the costs of conducting the exercises were mainly borne by the European Union. In total, 300 people from eight countries take part in the practice. The Finnish side is represented by six people, writes on May 9 RIA News.

STUK is the Finnish government agency in Finland responsible for monitoring radiation safety in the country. The center was established in 1958, and at first was involved in monitoring radiation safety in hospitals. Now STUK is a controlling, research and educational center. The agency is part of the Finnish Ministry of Social Security and Health. The center has 370 employees.

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