May 28, 2023

SUE NAO “Naryan-Mardorremstroy” will start work on May 17 at 9.00

Photo: Anton Taybarey/

According to the KU NAO “Centralized Stroyzakazchik”, the decision was made due to a sharp increase in the average daily air temperature and a rise in the water level in Kuya.

– The bridge will be installed after the passage of ice drift and a drop in the water level in the river. As a rule, this happens in a month, – clarified in the CSC.

The bridge provides transport links with the Primorsko-Kuysky village council and the Naryan-Mar – Usinsk road. It is removed every year on the eve of the ice drift, so that the span structures are not washed away with water.

Last year, the bridge across the Kuya was dismantled on May 12 and installed on June 8.

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