May 27, 2023

Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed on April 28 several important laws at once. What changes were approved by the head of state – in the selection.

Law on deprivation of acquired citizenship for discrediting the Russian Armed Forces

The law on the annulment of acquired citizenship for discrediting the Russian army and actions that threaten Russia’s national security came into force. The document also expands the list of grounds on which Russian citizenship can be revoked. In addition, the law simplifies the admission of a child born in a mixed marriage to the citizenship of the Russian Federation: now you do not need to obtain the consent of the second parent – a foreign citizen.

Law on informing about the amount of pension savings

Putin signed a law obliging the Social Fund of the Russian Federation to inform insured persons who form pension savings in non-state funds about the state of their accounts.

“The bill proposes to supplement … the obligation of the Social Fund of Russia to inform also insured persons who form pension savings in non-state pension funds about the amounts of the insured person’s pension savings accounted for in the funded pension pension account, and the rights to payments from pension savings” , – is reported in the explanatory note to the document published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The adopted law also provides for the use of the “Unified Centralized Digital Platform in the Social Sphere” to inform the insured persons.

Law on the extension of special investment contracts (SPIC) in the automotive industry

The President of the Russian Federation adopted a law allowing the possibility of extending until December 31, 2033 the validity of special investment contracts (SPIC) in the automotive industry. The need to extend the SPIC, as reported in the accompanying documents, is due to the fact that, due to the sanctions imposed, the auto industry enterprises cannot fulfill their obligations under the contracts on time.

A SPIC is a form of an agreement between Russia and investors aimed at stimulating the localization of production in the territory of the Russian Federation: the investor undertakes to invest in the creation, improvement or development of production in Russia in exchange for unchanged tax conditions.

Law on audit activity in the EAEU

The head of state signed a law ratifying agreements on auditing activities in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The right to conduct audit activities will be granted to persons included in the national registers of auditors and audit organizations. The law establishes general requirements for such persons. The law will enable audit firms and individual auditors from Russia to work freely in any member state of the EAEU, and the audit reports issued by them will be recognized throughout the Union.

Law on amendments to the CSTO charter

A law was signed on amendments to the charter of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, according to which members of organizations interact, including in the field of biological safety. The document provides for the ratification of the fourth protocol on amending the CSTO Charter of October 7, 2002, signed on August 26, 2022. In addition, the possibility of early termination of the powers of the Secretary General of the organization by decision of the CSTO Collective Security Council is introduced.

Law on Unfair Foreign Investors

A law was adopted that formalizes the right to turn shares and other property into state revenue in case of violation of the procedure for foreign investment in domestic strategic economic companies. The document also allows Russian strategic economic companies to recover from a foreign investor inflicted losses (including lost profits) through the courts and compensate for the damage caused. The law is designed to protect key industries from hostile attempts to impose external management from unfriendly investors.

Treason Law

Russia introduces life imprisonment for high treason. Such a measure threatens for espionage and the issuance to foreigners of information constituting a state secret. Also, life imprisonment can be sentenced for going over to the side of the enemy or financial, consulting and other assistance to the state in anti-Russian activities.

Drug and Tobacco Law

The President of the Russian Federation signed a law on liability for the sale of medicines without a prescription and tougher punishment for the sale of tobacco to children.

Law to increase tax deductions

A law has been signed to increase the size of tax deductions for the expenses of Russians on education, treatment and the purchase of medicines.

Law on Mandatory Fingerprinting of Volunteers

Russians who signed a contract on voluntary assistance in the field of defense, including during the actions of the Russian army outside the country, were obliged to undergo state fingerprint registration. This will be done by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

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