May 27, 2023
Joseph Biden

US President Joseph Biden


US leader Joe Biden is facing pressure, including from within the Democratic Party, some members of which are demanding F-16 fighter jets and longer-range missiles be sent to Ukraine. About it writes The Hill, citing its own sources close to the White House administration.

At the same time, congressmen from both parties also called on Biden to transfer ATACMS long-range missiles and modern F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv. The White House has so far refused to do so, saying that the Ukrainian military now has other priorities.

The Hill writes that the most active member of the US House of Representatives calling for more assistance to Ukraine is Jason Crow, Democrat from Colorado. The idea of ​​transferring the F-16 and ATACMS to Kyiv is also supported by several other leading figures in the Democratic Party – Richard Blumenthal, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jared Golden and Mark Kelly.

Kyiv has repeatedly requested ATACMS missiles from the United States and allied countries, which can be launched from the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system. The President of Ukraine said that such a weapon is vital for his country. Ukraine would also like to receive F-16 fighters, but in the United States repeatedly pointed outthat do not plan to make such deliveries.

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