May 29, 2023
Smoke over Khartoum

Smoke over Khartoum in Sudan (file photo)

©Omer Erdem / ANADOLU AGENCY / Anadolu Agency via AFP / EastNews

During armed clashes between the army of the Sudan and the Rapid Reaction Force (RRF), 528 people were killed. This was reported on Saturday, April 29, at the Ministry of Health of the country.

According to him, 4599 people were injured. These figures are valid for the period from 15 to 27 April. In most provinces of Sudan, with the exception of Western Darfur and Khartoum, there is relative calm, writes RIA News.

Since April 15, armed clashes have been taking place in Sudan between the army and the RRF. The parties accuse each other of assault. The reason for the crisis could be that the RRF refuse to integrate into the country’s army, which is demanded of them by the Armed Forces and the pro-democracy forces of Sudan.

From midnight on April 24, the parties agreed on a 72-hour truce. On April 27, the ceasefire was extended. Its violation was previously reported by the head of the RRF. He noted that return to negotiations possible only after the Sudanese army begins to comply with the terms of the truce.

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