May 29, 2023

In China, the start of sales of the updated Exeed LX crossover has been announced. The car is offered in modifications with a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) and with a plug-in hybrid installation.

In China, the crossover, known in Russia as Exeed LX, is called Zhuifeng. How informs April 28 portal CarNewsChina, the car has undergone minimal modifications on the outside, the main innovations relate to the interior and chassis. The main innovation in terms of external design is that now buyers are offered two options for the design of the front end: in addition to the already familiar design, including the Russians, with the usual radiator grilles, a version with a “frameless” grille and diamond-shaped holes gradually increasing towards the center of the bumper has been added.

The interior of the car retained the concept, but the designers updated all trim panels and re-arranged the main control areas. In front of the driver are two 12.3-inch displays combined into a single unit. The main thing is that the control electronics are now designed on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 architecture, which, according to representatives of Exeed, will provide increased performance and the ability to regularly update software over the air. Acoustics with 12 speakers designed by Sony.



Gasoline engines remain the same as in the initial version of the crossover: a 156-horsepower 1.5-liter engine or a more powerful 1.6-liter version (197 hp) are available to choose from. The main novelty is a plug-in hybrid (the so-called PHEV), in which a 1.5-liter engine is combined with two 169-horsepower electric motors and a battery with a capacity of 19.27 kWh is installed. Torque is transmitted to the front axle via a three-speed DHT transmission.

Claimed average fuel consumption is 1.76 l/100 km. At the same time, the car is able to drive up to 80 km exclusively on electric traction, and the maximum range exceeds 1000 km.

There is no official information about the appearance in Russia yet. In the nearest plans of the Russian representative office of Exeed – launch of the crossover RX, also known as AtlantiX and Yaoguang. The car should become the new flagship of the Exeed model range in Russia: the dimensions of the model are 4781 x 1920 x 1671 mm with a wheelbase of 2815 mm. For Russia, Exeed specialists deformed the power plant to 249 hp. in order to avoid the increased vehicle tax rate. Crossovers with a seven-speed robotic gearbox and all-wheel drive will be brought to Russia.

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