Many people may have shown you text to voice using Google Translator or many other software, but those voices are very robotic.

So today I will show you how you can make any text sound very realistic without any additional app using Notevibes website.


How to convert any text into realistic voice with Notevibes

(You can watch the video tutorial from below if you have difficulty understanding somewhere)

First go to and click on the Sign Up button. Because they don’t allow text to voice without having an account on their site

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You can then create an account by signing in via any means

I’m using
Gmail To sign in with Gmail, select Sign in with Google

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Then select any Gmail

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After signing in you will be taken to their voice converter
1. Enter the text you want to convert to voice.

2. Then select Bengali – Aas voice

3. Then click the Convert button to convert it to voice, you can play and listen to the voice from there if you want.

4. Then click on Download button to download this voice



Video Tutorial

If someone has difficulty understanding the post, you can watch the video from below

If you want this voice, you can use it to make any funny content, nowadays many people make funny videos with the audio converted to Text To Voice.

Hope you like today’s topic. If you don’t understand any part, please comment or post on our Facebook group