May 29, 2023

El Dabaa nuclear power plant in Egypt (file photo)


Construction with the participation of Russia of the third power unit of the nuclear power plant (NPP) “El-Dabaa” began in Egypt. This was announced on Wednesday, May 3, in the press service of the engineering division of the state corporation Rosatom.

According to message, at the construction site of the El-Dabaa nuclear power plant in Egypt, the “first concrete” was poured into the foundation slab of power unit No. 3. They noted that construction at the third power unit had entered the main stage.

“Today’s ceremony is a testament to the achievements resulting from the joint and continuous efforts of the working groups,” said Amged El-Wakil, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Nuclear Power Authority.

As reported, the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA) issued a building permit with the participation of the Russian Federation of the third power unit of the country’s first nuclear power plant “El-Dabaa”. The construction of the first and second power units of the first Egyptian nuclear power plant began in 2022.

“El Dabaa” will be located on the Mediterranean coast near the city of El Alamein in the governorate of Matruh. The nuclear power plant will include four power units with Russian reactor plants that meet the highest international requirements for efficiency and safety. The total installed electrical capacity will be almost 4.8 GW.

An agreement between Russia and Egypt on the construction of a nuclear power plant was signed in 2015. The construction of the first power unit began in July. The construction of the El Dabaa nuclear power plant is expected to be completed in 2028.

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