June 5, 2023

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, during a meeting with US Ambassador Nicholas Burns on Monday, May 8, pointed out the need for Washington to deeply rethink its policy towards China. This was reported in the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“I hope the US side will work closer together with China and help China-US relations get out of the difficult situation and return to normal,” Gang said.

He recalled that in November 2022, at a meeting between the Chinese President and the US President in Bali, the parties reached an “important consensus”, but later, according to him, Washington made several erroneous statements and took incorrect actions that destroyed the emerging positive trend in China’s relations. and USA writes TASS.

Thus, Qin Gang continued, the United States prevented the promotion of its own political dialogue with China, and relations between the countries “became colder again.” In the current situation, one should refrain from actions that could increase friction between the two states.

“China will firmly adhere to the principles of President Xi Jinping and build China-US relations on the basis of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation,” he said. He expressed hope that the US ambassador would be a “key node and bridge” between Beijing and Washington, and would make constructive efforts.

Relations between China and the US deteriorated sharply last year after a visit to Taiwan by the speaker of the US House of Representatives. The PRC said that Beijing is not responsible for the current difficulties in relations with Washington. They also noted that the United States should stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, harming the country’s interests, and undermining the political basis of bilateral relations.

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