May 28, 2023
Chinese Long March-7 launch vehicle

Launch vehicle “Changzheng-7”

©AFP / EastNews

Equipment for the launch of the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft was delivered in China to the Wenchang cosmodrome. Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft and Long March-7 Y7 launch vehicle are also installed, informs xinhua.

According to the China Manned Space Agency, which administers the Chinese manned flight program, the cargo spacecraft will be launched in the coming days – as soon as the most suitable time is determined.

The agency also said in a statement that the premises and equipment of the Wenchang spaceport have undergone additional testing. In accordance with the plan, various pre-launch tests will be carried out at the cosmodrome.

Tianzhou-6 is supposed to deliver food, water, experimental equipment and other necessary materials to the taikonauts in orbit. The rocket will go to the Chinese station “Tiangun”.

This station is located at an altitude of 400 km. At the moment, Tiangong consists of three modules. China plans turn the station to the space lab.

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