June 5, 2023
Cargo ship launch

Launch of Tianzhou-6 cargo ship

©全球大視野 Global_Vision/YouTube

China’s Manned Space Flight Program Administration launched the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft to the Tiangong Orbital Station on May 10, China Central Television reported.

The launch was broadcast live from the Wenchang Cosmodrome, located on Hainan Island. The Long March-7 rocket with a space truck launched at 21:22 Beijing time (16:22 Moscow time), writes TASS. “Tianzhou-6” will deliver to the station 1.75 tons of fuel, equipment, products, including 70 kg of fruit. In addition, the astronauts will receive personal belongings.

Tiangong is a Chinese manned multi-module orbital station that flies at an altitude of 340 to 450 km above the Earth’s surface. The base module was launched in April 2021, the second module in July 2022, and the third module in October of the same year.

The launch of the fourth module is scheduled for the end of this year. Tiangong is the third orbital station after the ISS and Mir. manned space flight program administers China Manned Space Agency.

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