May 27, 2023

The Italian authorities have allowed the chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT to resume work in the country. About it writes local newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

The ban on the use of ChatGPT was lifted after the developer (the American company OpenAI) gave the necessary clarifications to the Italian department that deals with the protection of personal data.

A temporary restriction on the operation of the chatbot in Italy was introduced on March 31. The regulator gave OpenAl 20 days to generate a report on user data protection. After the lock was lifted, the corporation said that in the near future it will begin to inform users in more detail about the terms of use of their product.

ChatGPT is the first multi-tasking artificial intelligence with the ability to maintain a dialogue, search for errors in the code, and other functions. The bot can write scripts and even compose poetry. The neural network was developed by the OpenAI team. Previously, “Profile” analyzed in detail whether it is possible in principle to trust the answers of ChatGPT and others similar neural networks.

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