May 29, 2023

The Danish brewing company Carlsberg Group intends to sell all its Russian assets before the beginning of summer. This is reported in the corporation’s report for the first quarter of 2023.

It was distributed on Thursday, April 27, transmits TASS. The document indicates that revenue in Russia grew by 10%. At the same time, volumes decreased by 5%.

According to Carlsberg, last year the company announced a decision to achieve the complete sale of its business in Russia. They say that they “successfully solve this difficult task of winding down the business.” Carlsberg stressed that they are seeking to sign an alienation agreement before the summer.

The Danish corporation is the owner of the Russian brewing company Baltika, which owns plants in several regions of the Russian Federation. In March 2022, Carlsberg Group announced the suspension of sales of its beer in Russia. At the same time, investments and exports to the Russian Federation were stopped.

Subsequently, the company’s management announced its intention to sell assets in Russia and leave the Russian market. As indicated by the corporation, a “difficult and urgent decision” was made to achieve full exit from assets in the Russian Federation.

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