June 2, 2023
British Type 23 frigate

British Type 23 frigate (illustration)

©Nilfanion/Wikimedia Commons

London sent a frigate equipped with anti-ship missiles to monitor the Russian fleet, which allegedly came too close to the coast of Great Britain, the Sun newspaper writes, citing a source in the field of British defense. Journalists do not provide evidence for this assertion, writes May 4 RIA Novosti.

The Type 23 frigate has sailed to the North Sea to monitor Russian warships capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

On May 4, five Russian warships and two support vessels appeared near British waters, all allegedly armed with Kalibr cruise missiles, journalists say. The publication lists: the frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”, the corvettes “Savvy”, “Stoyky” and “Odintsovo”, the tanker “Kama” and the tugboat “Grebelsky”.

A source of journalists in the defense sector told the publication that the country’s authorities were “notified of a small number of Russian ships conducting exercises near the UK, and are closely monitoring the situation.” But now, according to the Sun, the Royal Navy has decided to send a frigate equipped with Harpoon anti-ship missiles to monitor Russian ships.

According to another source in the defense sphere, the actions of the Russian ships are allegedly a deliberate show of force, which is specially carried out on the eve of the coronation, the publication says.

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