May 28, 2023

Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into executives and managers of local Google and Telegram offices. They are accused of organizing a disinformation campaign against the fake bill. The document deals with the new requirements for these platforms. The G1 portal writes about this.

Brazilian Federal Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Morais has ordered an investigation into the directors and managers of Google and Telegram. notes portal.

According to him, the court believes that they were engaged in “an abusive campaign against the Fake News Bill.” The judge gave law enforcement officers 60 days for a preliminary investigation. With a request to investigate the local heads of Google and Telegram, the Brazilian Attorney General’s Office earlier appealed to the Federal Supreme Court.

The bill aims to combat the spread of disinformation by introducing strict requirements for corporations in the field of “illegal and extremist content.” Telegram has not previously ruled out the possibility of ending operations in Brazil if this document is adopted. At the same time, on May 10, Telegram removed a post criticizing this bill from its official Brazilian channel.

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