June 5, 2023

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When we hear the word “teacher”, many people think of a general education school with a teacher at the blackboard. The place of work of the heroine of our essay, the teacher Irina Pudovkina, is the Children’s Art School. Here the situation and atmosphere are somewhat different: children, under the guidance of their mentors, take the first steps in comprehending the world of art.

Irina Olegovna was born in Naryan-Mar. After successfully graduating from the music school and the Arkhangelsk music school in the class of domra, she realized that her vocation is to transfer knowledge and experience to boys and girls who want to comprehend the beautiful world of harmony of sounds through musical instruments. Improving in her field and becoming a teacher, she graduated from the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory in parallel.

– It was quite difficult, a lot of work at school, classes in the ensemble “Severyanna” and preparation for the sessions. But there were good teachers nearby who gave me great support: Natalya Vladimirovna Yasheneva, Ida Vladimirovna Zavernina (Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation), Lyubov Leonidovna Chernyaeva, Galina Yakovlevna Medvedkova and others. Without their support and help from loved ones, it would have been much more difficult for me, ”recalls our heroine.

From 1996 to 1999, Irina Pudovkina worked as the deputy director of the Children’s Art School for educational issues. In 1998, she took over the leadership of the folk group, the ensemble of folk instruments “Severyanna”. During her leadership, the team became a laureate of various competitions. In 2002 the first professional disc of the ensemble was recorded. Each concert season included more than 30 concerts, many tours were organized. In 2011, the leadership of the group was transferred to a graduate of the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory, Artyom Alexandrovich Gorbanev.

In 2010, Irina Olegovna headed the Department of Stringed Folk Instruments at Naryan-Mar Children’s School of Art, where 7 teachers, all former graduates of the school, teach. Here, according to Irina Pudovkina, all the good, good traditions that were laid down by the founder of the Severianna ensemble, as well as the department of stringed folk instruments, Ida Vladimirovna Zavernina, are preserved.

In 2012, Irina Pudovkina was appointed director of her native school. It is worth recalling that many young talents, students of Irina Olegovna, are laureates and diploma winners of international, all-Russian and regional competitions.

Now the teacher’s business was taken up by her graduates Raisa Strutinskaya and Rosa Kropotina, who, after graduating from institutes, came to work in their native school. Realizing how important it is to set an example for her students, Irina Olegovna is engaged in performing and concert activities.

In 2022, having teamed up with the musicians of Naryan-Mar, she organized a wonderful project “Musical Lounge”. Concerts have a philharmonic function and are in great demand among the residents of the district.

This year, Irina Pudovkina decided to participate in the preliminary voting of the United Russia party.

“The decision is not simple, but deliberate and conscious,” she said. – Many issues of the development of the district, in particular culture and education, require new approaches and ideas. The plans are the most ambitious. We form them together with parents, teachers, the governor. For example, everyone sees the renovation that we carried out at the art school. Through the efforts of the governor, children have the opportunity to study in institutions of additional education free of charge. This is not true in all regions. But let’s be blunt: the competition in certain areas is 8 people per place. Therefore, there are plans to build a second building. And there is a place next to Marad’ this square. I will work towards the implementation of this project.

And it’s also worth recalling that Irina Olegovna is the granddaughter of Rena Batmanova, a well-known doctor and public figure in the district, who at one time made a significant contribution to the development of medicine in the region. She was one of the founders of the Nenets District Hospital. For labor merits, Rene Ivanovna was awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of the RSFSR.

We wish success to her granddaughter – a true professional in her field and a patriot of the NAO. It is precisely such people who are not indifferent and able to achieve the set goals that should represent our interests.

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