June 5, 2023
Jair Bolsonaro

Former President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro

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Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro could have falsified his coronavirus vaccination certificate. The politician allegedly took such a step to circumvent travel restrictions in the United States, according to the Brazilian police. About it informs Reuters.

Law enforcement officers have already searched Bolsonaro’s house. His mobile phone was confiscated. Six people were arrested – among them two guards of the ex-president of Brazil and one of his closest aides.

Bolsonaro, known for his criticism of vaccinations, has been registered as a coronavirus vaccine patient in the federal medical registry. The police believe that the falsification could have been done in the last weeks of Bolsonaro’s tenure as President of Brazil.

The politician himself has already confirmed to journalists the fact of a search in his house in Brazil. He also stated that he had never been vaccinated against COVID-19. Bolsonaro denied involvement in the alleged forgery of documents.

Jair Bolsonaro left Brazil immediately after losing the presidential election, at the end of December 2022. He flew to the USA. At home, the politician remains a defendant in several cases. Among other things, the possible involvement of Bolsonaro in organizing mass protests that took place in Brasilia after the elections is being investigated.

The new Brazilian leader said back in January 2023 that Bolsonaro was carrying personal responsibility for these massacres. The Brazilian president called the protests an attempted coup d’état.

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