May 29, 2023

Impressed by the vibrant nature and colorful culture of Thailand, tourists often forget about safety rules during their stay in this country. It must be remembered that Thailand has a different climate, lifestyle and cuisine, which can have negative consequences for Russians. Author of the channel “World in your pocket” on “Zen” named five common mistakes tourists make in Thailand.

Drinking local cocktails

Locals prepare a large number of cocktails for vacationers on the beaches, in cafes and various eateries. They look very impressive and attract with their exoticism, but they are fraught with many dangers. Tourists who carefully prepare for trips to Thailand know that you cannot drink tap water there. Moreover, even a simple brushing of the teeth is recommended using bottled water.

According to the blogger, Thais use running water to dilute cocktails. Also, they are unlikely to get hung up on the purity of the products that are added to these drinks, the author of the material believes. As a result, at best, a tourist can expect an upset stomach. The Russian recommended that it is better to order natural juices only in cafes and not to buy drinks from street vendors.

Buying food from street chefs

In Thailand, cooking in mobile kitchens is common. Locals are very fond of the dishes of street chefs, but the body of an unprepared tourist may not like such exotic things. Such dishes are unaccustomed to the stomach of Russians, so the body, when getting acquainted with the local gastronomy, can behave as it pleases. To avoid unforeseen consequences, it is better to abandon street food in favor of dishes in cafes and restaurants, the blogger claims.

reckless swimming

Swimming far from the coast, jumping into the ocean from boats and boats, there is a big risk of meeting dangerous underwater inhabitants. Even at a shallow depth, you can easily step on a sea urchin, get into the tentacles of jellyfish and be stung by a sea snake. It is especially dangerous to swim at night. Therefore, according to the author of the material, it is necessary to behave very carefully on the beaches and monitor what flags are set there. You can’t go into the water where the red flag is located, he added. Some places can be dangerous with a rip current that can drag a person far into the sea.

Riding on local scooters and bikes

Upon arrival in Thailand, many Russians want to rent a scooter or bike to actively explore the surroundings. However, such an undertaking is fraught with unforeseen consequences. In this country, left-hand traffic, which can confuse even an experienced driver, especially in an extreme situation. In addition, the local driving style leaves much to be desired, the blogger said.

Negligent attitude to the Thai sun

In Thailand, solar activity is very high. Therefore, in no case should you forget about the use of sunscreen. They need to process all open surfaces of the body, even if it is planned to spend most of the time in the shade.

Formerly another Russian told about holidays in Thailand. He stated that he was disappointed in the resort, but also named the advantages of the country.

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