May 28, 2023
Joseph Biden

US President Joseph Biden

©Global Look Press/Keystone Press Agency

The United States is ready to completely eliminate its chemical weapons by the fall of 2023. Such a statement by the head of the United States was made public ahead of the Fifth Conference of States Parties to review the Chemical Weapons Convention scheduled for May 15-19 in The Hague.

“We are on track to complete the process of eliminating our stockpiles of chemical weapons by this fall – a disarmament milestone that meets the highest standards of transparency and public safety,” quotes TASS statement on May 13.

The US is the only country in the world that has chemical weapons. Moscow has repeatedly called on Washington to fulfill its obligations under the convention.

Thus, the Russian Defense Minister stated that chemical weapons in the Russian Federation were destroyed back in 2017. Allegations that the Russian military may use such weapons in Ukraine are absurdhe emphasized. According to the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, such messages are designed to distract the world community from the US military bioprogram on Ukrainian territory.

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