May 29, 2023
Joseph Biden

US President Joseph Biden

©Yuri Gripas / Pool via CNP / Global Look Press

United States President Joe Biden said he considers himself the most experienced presidential candidate of all time. He also added that he has “a hell of a lot of wisdom.”

“I know more than the vast majority of people and I have more experience than anyone who has ever been nominated for this position. I also believe that I have proven my integrity and effectiveness,” – leads Biden’s statement to the American channel MSNBC.

Biden officially announced in April that he would run for president again. He said he was running for a second term to “finish what he started.” If he wins re-election, he will be 82 years old at the beginning of his second presidential term.

The US presidential election will take place in November 2024. In addition to Biden, the former head of the United States is also applying for this post. He announced thatthat will fight for the presidency again in November 2022.

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