May 29, 2023
Alexander Chervyakov

Minister of Economy of Belarus Alexander Chervyakov


According to the results of the first quarter of 2023, the authorities of Belarus fully restored the loss of exports caused by sanctions, said the head of the Ministry of Economy of Belarus Alexander Chervyakov. According to him, it was necessary to quickly find new markets and reorient cargo flows.

The minister stressed that Russia and China remain important foreign markets for the republic.

“An increase of $1.3 billion is a very good indicator. The second market for us is China. Here we increased sales by 2.6 times. According to plans, we should reach $2 billion this year,” Chervyakova quotes RIA News.

The Belarusian minister added that in the case of exports to the countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, it is necessary to ensure the stability of transport corridors.

Minsk continues to operate under strong economic and political pressure. The government controls the development of the economy along key parameters, including production, investment and pricing. Economic growth was achieved through production in mechanical engineering, light industry, and electrical equipment, summed up Chervyakov.

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