May 29, 2023

Appearing older than your age can be not only due to improper makeup, clothing or skin care, but also as a result of simple everyday actions and decisions that affect appearance. Cosmetologist Nicole Smith, who looks much younger at 45, named four non-obvious mistakes that visually add 10 years to age. They are easy to avoid.

Wearing a hat

The hat is a very stylish piece of spring and summer wardrobe. It can be found in both daily and festive looks. However, this accessory can easily play a cruel joke on its owner. According to the beautician, the hat looks very cute on a woman, but its brim creates shadows on the face, making it look older. So, this wardrobe item can make dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles on the face more noticeable, transmits The Sun.

coffee drinking

Coffee, when consumed in large quantities, can dehydrate the body and skin, making wrinkles more visible. If you can’t go without coffee, Nicole Smith advised you to make sure you drink enough water and moisturize your skin with additional products to keep it beautiful and supple.

“Freeze” on the phone

When you are talking on the phone with the handset between your shoulder and head, or constantly holding your smartphone so that your head is tilted down, you may appear significantly older than your age to those around you at that moment. The fact is that when the head is lowered, the youthful line of the chin is lost. Therefore, the beautician advised to always keep your chin up and your shoulders straightened if you are in public. The phone, for example, can be held at face level.

Ignoring what eyelashes look like

Sparse eyelashes can also visually add 10 years to the face, according to Nicole Smith. She recommended not to ignore everyday eyelash makeup, build them up or use growth serums. Thanks to thick eyelashes, the face looks much younger.

Every woman, for sure, wants to look young and attractive at any age. The expert named major mistakewhich mercilessly adds years.

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