May 28, 2023
Alexander Vucic

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic

©MFA Russia/Global Look Press

From Monday, May 8, the Serbian authorities will accept illegal firearms and ammunition from citizens. Within a month, it will be possible to pass it without any legal consequences. About it declared Serbian leader Aleksandar Vučić on the air of the RTS TV channel.

After this period, citizens of Serbia will face “severe punishments” for possession of illegal weapons. Persons with weapons permits will be checked at least once a year, upon receipt of the summons, they must appear within 48 hours.

Vucic also announced a number of other measures aimed at ensuring security in the country.

Among other things, it is planned to strengthen police patrols at schools and shopping centers. Law enforcement officers at schools will be “well armed and ready to respond.” Vučić believes police officers can reduce peer violence in schools by 70-80%

The authorities resorted to these measures after two incidents of mass shooting in the country in a week. On May 3, a 13-year-old teenager killed eight schoolchildren and a security guard at a Belgrade school. Because of the age of the killer can avoid criminal prosecution. On May 5, a 21-year-old man opened fire with automatic weapons in the village of Dubona. Victims of the attack became eight peopleand 14 others were injured.

The President of Serbia named shooting in Dubon terrorist attack and promised that the perpetrator would “never get out of prison.”

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