May 29, 2023

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

The youngest group is getting ready to start. She is the most numerous. Next to the athletes are parents and friends, cheering, saying parting words.


Young athletes run 1.5 km. Waiting for the end of the run is not so long. Vyacheslav Rakutsky finishes first, followed by Alexander Kustyshev. Sasha at the finish line with an undisguised smile on his face is met by his father.

– Ran well. At first I was first, I went in a big margin, but then they overtook me – I didn’t have enough stamina, – says Sasha, taking a breath.

The boy has been playing hockey since the age of four.

“I am very happy that my son ran so well. I knew that he could do this: after all, hockey does not pass without a trace, there is endurance, ”Sasha’s father, Evgeny Kustyshev, proudly added.

The girls’ race was much more dramatic: the fight for gold lasted literally until the last meter of the finish line.

“Why are you crying? It wasn’t enough, it’s okay, ”the father of the girl, who came running second, reassuringly encourages.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

Liya Baruzdina finished first among girls aged 11-12. She enjoys cross-country skiing, but like many skiers, she enjoys cross-country skiing in the off-season.

I have been skiing for 6 years. I ran normally: I chose one pace and ran the whole distance with it. It’s only inconvenient to run on the sand, but everything is fine, ”the young athlete shared.

Ksenia Semyashkina came first in the age group of 15-17 years.

– I was counting on the first place, although it was a bit difficult to run. I have been skiing for 4 years, I got into them thanks to my class teacher, – said Ksenia.

Track and field winners in different age groups:

Girls and boys 10 years and under

Alexandra Arishtovich

Vyacheslav Rakutsky

Girls and boys 11-12 years old

Leah Baruzdina

Vyacheslav Pugachev

Girls and boys aged 13-14

Anna Malashchenko

Dmitry Khatanzeysky

Girls and boys aged 15-17

Ksenia Semyashkina

Oleg Nogotysy

Men and women 18 years and older

Artyom Latyshev

Ekaterina Durkina


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