June 5, 2023
Police outside the Bulgari jewelry store in Paris

Police outside Bulgari jewelry store in Paris (file photo)


A group of armed men raided the Bulgari jewelry boutique on Place Vendôme in central Paris. The attackers broke into the store, and then took with them jewelry worth several million euros, writes France 24, citing official statements from the police and prosecutors.

Previously, the robbers drove up to the boutique on motorcycles. Two of them entered the store, one remained on guard. The attackers were armed with rifles. They hit the guard, but no shots were fired.

A few minutes later, the robbers left the boutique, got on motorcycles and fled the scene. The full extent of the damage is still being established. The prosecutor’s office of Paris on the fact of armed robbery opened a criminal case.

The same Bulgari boutique was already robbed in September 2021. The criminals stole jewelry worth $10.6 million. One of the robbers was wounded by a police officer. He was detained at the scene of the crime and arrested. Two more suspects were arrested in June 2022.

The Italian jewelry house Bulgari is owned by the French conglomerate LVMH.

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