May 29, 2023
jazz musicians

To understand what jazz is, you need to hear it once, and no more verbal explanation is needed. Many theorists and historians of music have repeatedly spoken about this. Indeed, it is not always easy to describe in words what African folklore, polyrhythm, or, for example, a drum choir is. It’s better to hear it all. April 30 is a good occasion to dedicate time to listening to jazz music. This day is traditionally celebrated as International Jazz Day.

It was first celebrated in 2012. The UNESCO General Conference announced the introduction of a new date in the calendar back in November 2011. The founders said that the purpose of the holiday is to tell the public “about the pedagogical role of jazz as a force that promotes peace, unity, dialogue and expansion of contacts between people”, writes

Jazz first appeared in the early twentieth century. He absorbed the features of African and European cultures. It turned out to be a mix of improvisation and rhythm, combined with musical standards in the spirit of major and minor systems. According to legend, jazz originated in New Orleans. Musicians who wished to dance also gathered on the square. A trumpeter, a clarinetist and a trombonist started playing one motive, which smoothly flowed into improvisation. They were accompanied by bass and drums. It was a real celebration of life.

Over time, jazz has become a separate musical direction. His cradle is called the Storyville area in New Orleans (the area existed from 1897 to 1917). Jazz gained particular popularity in Chicago. It was there that after the closure of Storyville, many performers were drawn. Jazz stars emerged, including Louis Armstrong and Mamie Smith. In parallel, jazz developed in New York. There, Charlie Parker, one of the founders of the bebop style, gained wide popularity.

Today jazz is a symbol of unity and peace, it promotes intercultural dialogue. On International Jazz Day, a concert is traditionally held in the UN General Assembly Hall in New York with the participation of outstanding performers.

This day also marks:

  • World Twin Cities Day. It is held annually on the last Sunday of April by decision of the World Federation of United Cities, founded in 1957. The purpose of the organization was to strengthen friendly ties between the cities of different states. It later merged with the International Union of Local Authorities. In 2004, the United Cities and Local Authorities World Organization was founded.
  • International Candle Day. Every year since 2017, on April 30, candlemakers from all over the world have had the opportunity to celebrate their holiday. It is designed to bring together all the masters – from beginners to professionals.

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