May 29, 2023
oil oil spill leak accident sand

In the Evenki district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the coastal zone and in the basin of the Nizhnaya Tunguska River, an oil spill occurred. The incident happened on the territory of the warehouse of fuels and lubricants (POL). This was reported in the prosecutor’s office of the region.

“The district attorney went to the scene,” – quotes department statement on May 13 TASS.

As specified in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region, according to preliminary information, the approximate volume of spilled oil products amounted to 150 liters. The area of ​​the spill is specified.

Work is underway to clean up the contaminated area at the scene. Double booms have already been installed on the water. It was preliminary established that the cause of the emergency could be the depressurization of the old pipeline of the capacitive storage park for petroleum products of a local municipal enterprise.

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