May 29, 2023
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According to preliminary data, 90.21% of citizens who voted in the referendum in Uzbekistan supported the amendments to the country’s constitution. This was announced on Monday, May 1, by the chairman of the CEC of Uzbekistan, Zainiddin Nizamkhojaev.

“According to preliminary data, 90.21% of citizens voted in favor, 9.35% voted against, 0.49% of the ballots were corrupted and invalidated,” he said.

The turnout in the constitutional referendum was 84.54%, writes TASS. Nizamkhojaev added that more than 16.6 million people cast their votes in the referendum. In total, over 19 million citizens were included in the voting lists.

The final data on the results of the referendum will be published later, the head of the CEC concluded.

Referendum on amendments to the constitution of Uzbekistan took place the day before, 30 April. It was held at the initiative of the country’s leader. He proposed changes to the constitution, including extending the presidential term from five to seven years, declaring Uzbekistan a social state, and abolishing the death penalty.

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