June 5, 2023

Photo: press service of OOO LUKOIL-Komi

Dear veterans! Dear northerners!

I congratulate you on the Great Victory Day!

We honor the memory of those who fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, who gave their last while working in the rear. About everyone who sought peace and freedom from fascism.

It is difficult to find words to fully express gratitude and gratitude to all the participants in those fateful events. In difficult conditions, the formation of industries also took place, on which the provision of Soviet troops with weapons, fuel, building materials, and everything necessary depended. It was then that the reindeer transport battalions and the Yaregskaya oil gained great fame, which even decades later speak of the high contribution of the northerners to the long-awaited Victory.

With all my heart I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity!


General Director of OOO LUKOIL-Komi

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