May 27, 2023
Pulling out tomato seedlings

Healthy tomato seedlings should have thick shoots and dark green foliage. As a rule, seedlings stretch out due to a lack of light or a cramped container in which they grow. Thin stems will not be able to fully nourish tomato bushes, because even after planting in the ground they usually remain painful. As a result, a good harvest can not be expected. The situation can be corrected if several conditions are observed, said biologist and agronomist Denis Terentyev.

First of all, before planting in the ground, such seedlings need to be fed with nitrogen fertilizers. So the culture will grow faster in a new place, writes Antonov Garden.

Plants should be planted in the planting holes, laying them in a horizontal position. Only the top with a few leaves is usually left on the surface.

However, it should be borne in mind that such bushes will begin to bear fruit later, since they will have to spend energy on the formation of additional roots. On the other hand, the bush will grow quite powerful.

The first fertilizers can be applied as early as 10 days after planting tomatoes. Until the moment when the seedlings take root, root feeding is not recommended.

How well tomatoes will develop depends largely on the correct transplantation of seedlings to a permanent place. Plants need enough space to grow and develop. Experts told how to correctly choose a place for landing and make suitable holes.

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