It is possible to catch many viewers by giving attractive thumbnails on Facebook videos.

Look at the picture below, there is a thumbnail above the video, but you can’t see it anywhere in the video. But many gamers give their Facebook videos weird thumbnails so that people click on their videos and watch their videos.

And honestly, when I was scrolling on Facebook, the following video came in front of me. I usually don’t waste time watching unnecessary videos but I clicked on the one that gave me an attractive thumbnail.
And since his video quality was good and I enjoyed watching it, I watched it for a long time.

img 610bb734e48ed

Anyway, I saw the video because of this thumbnail, even though there was nothing like that in the video, it was normal pubg game play.
If you want, you can catch your viewers with attractive thumbnails like this. But definitely give your video related thumbnail.

How to give a thumbnail on Facebook video from mobile?

– It is very easy to give a thumbnail from a computer, you can also give a thumbnail when you upload a video. But you can’t pay immediately on mobile. You need to use Creator Studio app to give thumbnail from mobile . It is an app made by Facebook team.

I’ll show you how to add thumbnails with the Creator Studio app a little later, before I show you how to create thumbnails.

img 610be354ab7eb

Rules for making thumbnails for Facebook videos from mobile

From computer I make thumbnails with Canva but for making thumbnails from mobile I use Pixellab app . Many people also use Picsart .

In general, use software that you can edit well. Just keep the Facebook thumbnail size correct.

What is the Facebook thumbnail size?

Facebook thumbnail size is 1280 x 720 pixels. Those who are YouTubers understand that the thumbnail size of Facebook is the same as that of YouTube. So if you make a thumbnail for YouTube, you can use it again on Facebook.

So the thumbnail is finished? Let me show you how to add thumbnails from Creator Studio app.

Rules for adding thumbnails to Facebook videos from Creator Studio app

First you need to download Creator Studio app from playstore.

Then when you open the app, your Facebook app login ID will show. So if your page is in that ID then continue with that ID. And if not, then you can log in to another account by clicking on Log in to Another Account .

img 610be3a2ab189

So as I said you can select your page.

I am selecting the third page Tech Help BD from here

img 610be4f30d965

How to give a thumbnail when uploading a new video?

Now I will show you how to upload new videos with Creator Studio and show them with thumbnails and after a while I will show you how to add thumbnails to old videos as well.

So first you have to click on the marked options and then select the video you want to upload.

img 610be7aa71340

Then you can give video title, description

You will get the option to add thumbnail below from there you can add thumbnail to your video.

img 610bf706eef99

Now let’s see how to add thumbnails to old videos.

How to add thumbnails to old videos

First click on the option marked below

img 610bfd5f529bf

Then click on the filter icon shown in the screenshot and select the Videos option from below.

Then you will get the list of all the videos. So select the video thumbnail you want to add.

img 610c05066c93c

After selecting click on mark option in screenshot

img 610c083ebce63

Then you will get the option to add thumbnail below, from there you can add thumbnail.

img 610bf706eef99

If you find it difficult to understand somewhere, you can watch the following video:


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