May 29, 2023
Motor ship Ilya Muromets

Motor ship “Ilya Muromets” (illustration)

©Igor Gorshkov/Wikimedia Commons

The passenger ship “Ilya Muromets” with 113 passengers and 42 crew members ran aground near the Galaninsky pier in the city of Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Region. This was reported on Sunday, May 7, in the press service of the Volga Transport Prosecutor’s Office.

According to message, the ship ran aground on the Volga River on Sunday around 14:00 Moscow time. “There is no threat to the life and health of the ship’s passengers,” the department stressed. In addition, a tugboat of the Volga Shipping Company advanced to the ship that had run aground.

The transport prosecutor’s office checks the circumstances of the incident, and will also take action if there are grounds.

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