May 29, 2023
Rehabilitation center for military personnel

Rehabilitation center for military personnel (illustration)

©Vladimir Gerdo/TASS

A rehabilitation center for 400 patients for medium-term and long-term rehabilitation of participants in the special operation in Ukraine will be created in the Novosibirsk region over the next year and a half, head of the region Andrey Travnikov said during a working conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin via videoconference.

Travnikov said that now the region fully satisfies the existing request for short-term rehabilitation of fighters, however, the regional leadership is aware that there will be a request for longer-term rehabilitation – long-term and medium-term. In this case, the available resources for high-quality and comfortable provision of services may not be enough, writes May 16 RIA News.

“We worked out the possibility of building a rehabilitation center, allocated a site with the necessary communications in the sanatorium-resort zone. We assume that we will build a rehabilitation center for 400 beds for medium-term – up to two months and long-term – up to a year of rehabilitation, including with a permanent residence program,” the governor said, adding that the authorities are starting to develop a project to start construction next year.

Travnikov asked Putin to support the construction of such a center and instruct the Cabinet of Ministers to study the possibility of allocating funds, as he wrote in a letter to the President of the Russian Federation. In the case of receiving funding from the federal center, the governor promised to implement the project “much faster.” Putin replied that all papers presented to him would be studied and submitted to the Russian government.

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