May 28, 2023
Ministry of Emergency Situations

Due to a fire in the warehouses with gunpowder in the Rezhevsky urban district of the Sverdlovsk region, an emergency regime has been introduced. The fire spread to the city of Rezh, said the head of the district, Ivan Kartashov. Related publication placed on the official page of the policy “Vkontakte”.

As Ivan Kartashov said, two fire crews had already been sent to the Gavan microdistrict. Efforts are underway to extinguish the fire. Work is also underway to prevent fire from reaching the village of Ostanino, and volunteers help fire brigades.

In addition, due to heavy smoke from fires, the management of the central district hospital of the city of Rezh temporarily let all non-lying patients go home. It was noted here that the medical staff remains on duty.

The fire in the village of Pervomaisky, Rezhevsky urban district, became known on the evening of Saturday, May 6. Warehouses caught fire, some of them filled with gunpowder. The authorities began evacuating the residents of the village.

The village of Pervomaisky practically adjoins the south of the city of Rezh. The distance to Yekaterinburg is about 60 km.

The head of the region recognized the situation with fires as critical. He stated that he was requested federal aid.

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