May 29, 2023

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant on Wednesday, May 10, said that 400 rockets had been fired at the country from the Gaza Strip since the start of Operation Shield and Arrow. According to him, a quarter of them fell in the enclave.

“A significant part of the missiles fell in open areas, some were shot down. Several hits on houses were recorded,” he said in a special televised address. About it writes RIA News.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a statement to the country’s defense minister. The Prime Minister stressed that Israel is in the middle of the “Shield and Arrow” operation in the Gaza Strip. The state authorities themselves will decide when to stop it, Netanyahu drew attention. He also said that information about the victims among Israeli citizens from rocket attacks has not yet been received.

On the night of May 9, the Israeli Air Force, as part of Operation Shield and Arrow (directed against Islamic Jihad, recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia and banned), launched several rocket attacks on targets in the Gaza Strip. At the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported 12 deaths and 20 injured. A Russian citizen died in Gaza. He headed a medical facility that specialized in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The rocket hit the apartment where the Russian lived. The man, his wife and son died.

Israeli authorities and representatives of Palestinian radicals have previously reached an agreement on a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The agreement was concluded on May 3 through the mediation of the UN, Qatar and Egypt.

The Gaza Strip is a territory on the Mediterranean coast, which is de jure one of the two parts of partially recognized Palestine (along with the territory of the West Bank of the Jordan River). In the east and north, the sector borders on Israel.

“Islamic Jihad – Mujahideen Jamaat” – an individual or organization recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia;

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