May 29, 2023
Ilsky refinery
© Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratyev / / kondratyevvi

The cause of the fire in the tanks at the Ilsky oil refinery in the Krasnodar Territory was the fall of four drones, one of which did not explode. This was reported on Thursday, May 4, in law enforcement agencies, transmits RIA News.

“Yes, there were four,” the agency’s source said, answering a question about whether the drone crash was the cause of the fire at the refinery. According to him, experts are going to undermine one of the fallen, but not exploded aircraft.

The interlocutor of the publication stressed that the fire at the Ilsky oil refinery has already been extinguished.

On Thursday morning, the governor of Kuban said that at the Ilsky refinery in the Seversky district tanks caught fire with petroleum products. He noted that no one was injured in the incident. Later, the fire was localized on an area of ​​400 sq. m.

This is the second drone attack on oil facilities in the Kuban in a day. So, on the night of May 3 drone hit into an oil tank in the village of Volna, Temryuk region. The fire covered 1.25 thousand square meters. It was extinguished after 16 hours.

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